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MLTR-Blue Night 19 Love Ballads 熱心網友
Don't Have To Lose Take me to your heart 熱心網友
Home To You Take me to your heart 熱心網友
That's why (you go away) 熱心網友
Take me to your heart(中英對照) 熱心網友
You'll Never Know Played On Pepper 熱心網友
paint my love (比較) BLUE NIGHT 熱心網友
Digging Your Love download Blue Night 熱心網友
That's Why(You Go Away) Played On Pepper 熱心網友
Strange Foreign Beauty(Remix) strange foreign beauty 熱心網友
Someday Played On Pepper 熱心網友
25 minutes GREAT HITS 熱心網友
PARTY Nothing To Lose 熱心網友
Watch Your Back Blue Night 熱心網友
i wanna dance 熱心網友
paint my love! BLUE NIGHT 熱心網友
Everything I Planned 熱心網友
Hot To Handle Played On Pepper 熱心網友
o girlfriend GREAT HITS 熱心網友
You Took My Heart Away(中英對照版) BLUE NIGHT 熱心網友